Command show-action-output

Usage: juju show-action-output [options] <action ID>


Show results of an action by ID.


-B, --no-browser-login (= false)

Do not use web browser for authentication

--format (= yaml)

Specify output format (json|yaml)

-m, --model (= "")

Model to operate in. Accepts [<controller name>:]<model name>

-o, --output (= "")

Specify an output file

--wait (= "-1s")

Wait for results


Show the results returned by an action with the given ID. A partial ID may also be used. To block until the result is known completed or failed, use the --wait option with a duration, as in --wait 5s or --wait 1h. Use --wait 0 to wait indefinitely. If units are left off, seconds are assumed.

The default behavior without --wait is to immediately check and return; if the results are “pending” then only the available information will be displayed. This is also the behavior when any negative time is given.

Last updated 2 years ago.