Placement directive

See also: Binding, Constraint

In Juju, a placement directive is an option that can be passed to certain commands to specify a target location.

The syntax is <command> --to <location>, where the command is one of add-machine, add-unit, bootstrap, deploy, enable-ha and the location can be an instance, zone, machine, or subnet, depending on the command and sometimes also the provider.

There is one type of placement directive that can also be used as a constraint: availability zones. If used together, the placement directive takes precedence.


Complete list of placement directives

Note: The availability of these placement directives varies by cloud.

key value Notes


<subnet-name> If the query looks like a CIDR, then we will match subnets with the same CIDR. If it follows the syntax of a “subnet-XXXX” then we will match the Subnet ID. Everything else is just matched as a Name.

Available for Azure and AWS EC2.


<system-id> Available for MAAS.


<availability-zone> If there’s no ‘=’ delimiter, assume it’s a node name.

Available for Amazon AWS EC2, Google GCE, LXD, MAAS, OpenStack, VMware vSphere.

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