How to remove a credential

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The remove-credential command is used to remove existing credentials from the local Juju client, the currently active controller or both. For example, the following command will remove the credential named bob from the aws cloud:

juju remove-credential aws bob

As with all other credential-related commands, unless the --client or --controller flags are specified, the Juju client will first display a prompt asking you to select where the credential is to be removed from.

When opting to remove a credential stored in a controller, Juju will first check whether any other model hosted by the controller is currently using that credential and display an error if that’s the case:

ERROR could not remove remote credential: cannot revoke credential cloudcred-aws_admin_bob: it is still used by 2 models

However, the above check can be effectively bypassed if the --force flag is specified when running the remove-credential command.

Last updated 9 months ago.