How to remove a machine

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A machine can be removed with:

juju remove-machine <machine ID>

For example:

juju remove-machine 3

However, it is not possible to remove a machine that is currently hosting either a unit or a container. Either remove all of its units (or containers) first or, as a last resort, use the --force option.

In some situations, even with the --force option, the machine on the backing cloud may be left alive. Examples of this include the Manual cloud or if harvest provisioning mode is not set. In addition to those situations, if the client has lost connectivity with the backing cloud, any backing cloud, then the machine may not be destroyed, even if the machine’s record has been removed from the Juju database and the client is no longer aware of it.

By default, when a machine is removed, the backing system, typically a cloud instance, is also destroyed. The --keep-instance option overrides this; it allows the instance to be left running.

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