How to update the definition of a cloud


Synchronise with a cloud

See also: juju update-public-clouds

To synchronise the Juju client with changes occurring on public clouds (e.g. cloud API changes, new cloud regions) or on Juju’s side (e.g. support for a new cloud):

juju update-public-clouds

Update the definition of a cloud

See also: juju update-cloud

The definition of an existing cloud can be done locally or, since v.2.5.3, remotely (on a controller).

For the ‘oracle’ cloud, for instance, create a YAML-formatted file, say oracle.yaml, with contents like:

      type: oci
         compartment-id: <some value>

Here, the local (client cache) definition is modified:

juju update-cloud --local oracle -f oracle.yaml

This will avoid having to include --config compartment-id=<value> at controller-creation time (bootstrap).

Here, the remote definition is updated by specifying the controller:

juju update-cloud oracle -f oracle.yaml -c oracle-controller

If you specify a controller without supplying a YAML file then the remote cloud will be updated according to the client’s current knowledge of that cloud.

Last updated 6 months ago.