How to upgrade the dashboard

The upgrade-dashboard command downloads the latest published dashboard from the streams and replaces the one on the controller. To verify which versions of the dashboard are available before the upgrade, try juju upgrade-dashboard --list.

If you want to upgrade (or downgrade) to a specific version of the dashboard, provide the revision as a parameter to the upgrade-dashboard command, where the revision listed by the juju upgrade-dashboard --list. For example:

juju upgrade-dashboard 0.2.0

If you’d like to try a version of the dashboard that has not been published in the streams and is not listed yet, you are able to provide the blob either from a charmed operator or from the manually built dashboard. For example:

juju upgrade-dashboard /path/to/release.tar.bz2

In order to upgrade the dashboard, you’ll have to have proper access rights to the controller. When an administrator upgrades the dashboard, the users will have to reload the open sessions in the browser.

Last updated 3 months ago.