How to associate a resource to your charm

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You have published your charm. This document shows you how you can now associate a resource name to your charm.

By default, a charm has no attached resources. You can verify this by running charmcraft resources:

jdoe@machine:~/blogsystem$ charmcraft resources my-super-charm
No resources associated to my-super-charm.

To attach a resource to a charm, open your charm’s metadata.yaml file and edit the resources block:

jdoe@machine:~/blogsystem$ cat metadata.yaml 
name: my-super-charm
summary: My super charm.
description: My super duper charm, used for testing.
    - bionic
        type: file
        filename: superdb.bin
        description: the DB with needed info

You may include as many resources as we want.

When you’re done, rebuild and reupload your charm to Charmhub with the new metadata:

jdoe@machine:~/blogsystem$ charmcraft build
Created 'my-super-charm.charm'.
jdoe@machine:~/blogsystem$ charmcraft upload my-super-charm.charm
Revision 13 of 'my-super-charm' created

Finally, inspect the results:

jdoe@machine:~/blogsystem$ charmcraft resources my-super-charm
Name          Type    Revision    Optional
someresource  file    13          True

As you can see, the resource is associated to revision 13 of the charm. This association to a specific revision of a charm is important to keep in mind, as it will matter if you want to attach a resource to a charm at release time—the attachment will work only if the resource has been included in the chosen charm revision’s metadata.

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