The Charmcraft Roadmap

charmcraft 1.3

:white_check_mark: Windows Installer
:white_check_mark: Homebrew Recipe
:white_medium_square: Support for Teams & Collaborators (postponed indefinitely)


:white_check_mark: candidate 2021-09-21 (originally: 2021-08-23)
:white_medium_square: stable 2021-09-28 (originally: 2021-08-30)

charmcraft 1.2

:white_check_mark: Charm Plugin for parts
:white_check_mark: Bundle Plugin for parts
:white_check_mark: Finalize craft-parts
:white_check_mark: Analyze: attributes and linters (spec)


:white_check_mark: candidate 2021-08-03
:white_check_mark: stable 2021-08-19

charmcraft 1.1

:white_check_mark: Finalize bases parser
:white_check_mark: Finalize OCI images Resources
:white_check_mark: Finalize craft-providers integration


:white_check_mark: candidate 2021-07-05
:white_check_mark: stable 2021-07-15

charmcraft 1.0.0

:white_check_mark: Provide the building charms functionality through the pack command.


:white_medium_square: stable 2021-04-30



charmcraft 0.10.1

:white_check_mark: Enhanced charm template generated by ‘init’ to use the new sidecar-pattern


:white_medium_square: beta 2021-04-27

charmcraft 0.10.0

:white_check_mark: Support for oci-image resources.
:white_check_mark: Improvements to the ‘init’ command, among others: links to docs, more robust base project, better docstrings and comments.
:white_check_mark: Alert if not included in a packed bundle (as it is required for deploying).
:white_check_mark: Produce a manifest.yaml with the building context of the charm or bundle.
:white_check_mark: Fix the handling of charms with dashes in the name when dealing with libraries.


:white_medium_square: beta 2021-04-20

charmcraft 0.9.0

:white_check_mark: Full support for Charm Bundles (register, upload, release, etc.); check the tutorial
:white_check_mark: Full support for file type Resources (upload, attach them to a charm release, etc.); check the tutorial
:white_check_mark: Point to external documentation in the docs left by init command


:white_medium_square: beta 2021-03-11

charmcraft 0.8.1

:white_check_mark: Renamed back to status the command to show channels and released revisions in Charmhub.
:white_check_mark: Show to the user the returned error in case of rejected upload.
:white_check_mark: Improved/updated the Bash Completion file according to current commands and their options.


:white_medium_square: beta 2021-02-18

charmcraft 0.8.0

:white_check_mark: Charmcraft works now with the PRODUCTION store by default (can be changed in the configuration).
:white_check_mark: Configuration is now read from the charmcraft.yaml file, which is mandatory for bundles-related commands (optional for the rest by now, will be mandatory in the future for all commands).
:white_check_mark: The User Agent sent to Charmhub is more complete and identifies better the Charmcraft client.
:white_check_mark: Added all current commands and their options to the Bash completion file.
:white_check_mark: Improvements in some help messages and init resulting files.


:white_medium_square: beta 2021-01-29

charmcraft 0.7.0

:white_check_mark: Added support for Charm Libraries, a mechanism to easily share and reuse charm interfaces and other components (tutorial)
:white_check_mark: Initial support for charm bundles: the ‘pack’ command.
:white_check_mark: Better project bootstrapping in ‘init’: can be used in a non-empty directory and adds coverage to the project tests.


:white_medium_square: beta 2021-01-12

charmcraft 0.6.1

:white_check_mark: Improved and polished texts, help and error messages, etc.
:white_check_mark: Support to create a library, first step in the charm libraries lifecycle.


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-11-16

charmcraft 0.6.0
:white_check_mark: Improved the template for new charms: now they use the testing harness in the modern way.
:white_check_mark: Refactored the commands infrastructure for improved process bootstrapping and UX consistency.
:white_check_mark: Small UX improvements in messages and help texts.


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-11-02

charmcraft 0.5.0

:white_check_mark: Include the version file in the built charm (to be used by Charmhub).
:white_check_mark: Now the revision is a mandatory parameter of the release command.
:white_check_mark: Refactored help messages and indications.
:white_check_mark: Better explanation in the README on how to run the project directly from Github.


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-09-28

charmcraft 0.4.0

:white_check_mark: Changed which files and directories are considered for a build: now everything is included in the charm, except what is explicitly marked as to ignore by Juju (which can be controlled through the .jujuignore file).
:white_check_mark: Improved commands structure: each now has a long description and accepts the --verbose and --quiet global options
:white_check_mark: Cope with conflicting command line arguments when using system pip3 from Ubuntu Bionic and earlier when building
:white_check_mark: Several improvements to charmcraft init, including --series and an improved README.


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-08-27

charmcraft 0.3.1

:white_check_mark: Support API changes in Store responses (old and new versions of a couple of renamed fields).


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-08-06

charmcraft 0.3.0

:white_check_mark: New ‘init’ command to populate an empty directory with the scaffolding for a new charm.
:white_check_mark: Basic but complete interaction with the Store, to authenticate, register and list names, and upload and release revisions (working with staging for now).
:white_check_mark: Commands and their options are autocompleted now (hitting tab, as usual).
:white_check_mark: Improvements when building charms: include the ‘template’ directory and support hooks that link the charm directly.
:white_check_mark: Clearer tracking of project version.


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-07-30

charmcraft 0.2.0

:white_check_mark: Charmcraft is now packaged as a snap (try it with snap install --edge charmcraft).
:white_check_mark: First interaction with the Store: now Charmcraft can authenticate against staging.
:white_check_mark: All debug information (what you would see in the terminal with --verbose) is now always sent to a log file (which is indicated if an error happens, and left there for forensics).
:white_check_mark: Improvements when the user interrupts the program (Ctrl-c) and in return codes in general.
:white_check_mark: Better debugging information when building a charm.


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-06-25

charmcraft 0.1.3

:white_check_mark: The zip filename now comes from metadata.yaml rather than the directory name.
:white_check_mark: A fix for #35, wherein we weren’t copying files into the charm.


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-06-16

charmcraft 0.1.2

:white_check_mark: Fixes an issue (#21) where we did the wrong thing for non-dispatch-aware jujus.
:white_check_mark: This is also 0.1.1 which we couldn’t release into pip due to human error.


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-06-04

charmcraft 0.1.0

:white_check_mark: First release
:white_check_mark: supported commands: build, and version.


:white_medium_square: beta 2020-05-29


charmcraft 1.4

:white_medium_square: Adapt Charmcraft to the CLI Guidelines
:white_medium_square: Integrate with craft-store


:white_medium_square: candidate 2021-10-25
:white_medium_square: stable 2021-11-01

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