How to deploy a charm bundle

You have packed your bundle. This document shows you how you can now deploy it to a cloud of your choosing. This can be easily done with the Juju OLM, assuming you’ve already set it up with the cloud and added a model.

To deploy a bundle, for example, wiki-simple, simply execute:

juju deploy wiki-simple

The process is identical to that for a simple charm.

To get a summary of the deployment steps (without actually deploying), perform a dry run:

juju deploy --dry-run wiki-simple

The --dry-run option works only with bundles, not with regular charms.

You can get the name of a bundle from the charm store, Charmhub, just as you would a charm. There, you can see icons representing each separate application alongside the bundle’s name. This gives you a quick overview of a bundle’s complexity and potential resource requirements.

To get a bundle’s name, select a bundle on the store and find the ‘command prompt’ icon at the top of the pane. A field will contain the charm store URL for the bundle, which you can also use to deploy:

juju deploy cs:bundle/wiki-simple-4

The cs signifies “charm store”.

Bundles can also be deployed by referring to a local bundle file (if it exists).

Last updated 1 year, 6 months ago.