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Juju is simple, secure and stable devops tooling. Juju is free and open source software that brings the Operator Model to all infrastructure. Whether services are hosted within containers, virtual machines, on bare metal, or a combination, it keeps complexity low and productivity high.

Juju is a good fit for

  • SRE and operations teams
  • Software developers
  • Data engineers

Juju’s points of difference

  • an emphasis on software modelling to reduce cognitive load
  • an ability to create services that span hosting environments
  • an active-agent architecture that allows services to be immediately responsive to changes

Juju excels at

  • Making your deployment understandable
  • Simplifying post-install operations, such as upgrades, updates and configuration management
  • Managing hybrid-cloud services, whether on Kubernetes, VMs, bare metal or any combination

Why Juju?

Juju increases your productivity and decreases your costs.

  • Increase confidence
    If you have ever put off upgrading something in production because something might break, then consider Juju. Juju allows applications to automatically negotiate their configuration, creating optimal settings dynamically.

  • Reduce complexity
    Microservices have made applications simpler, but operations more complex. Regain your understanding of the whole stack.

  • Strengthen operations knowledge
    Everyone has their in-house expert. Encapsulating their know-how in charms distributes that knowledge throughout the business.

  • Simplify day two and beyond
    Upgrades, provisioning new capacity, applying configuration changes can be subtle and difficult. Juju takes responsibility for them, as well as deployment.

  • Maintain portability and repeatability
    Retain control over your deployment and eliminate the need for vendor-specific offerings. Your devops tooling should be cloud-agnostic and Kubernetes-aware.

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