How is the tech industry using software operators?

Find out at the next Operator Day,
co-located at KubeCon North America 2023

A rich agenda with various sessions about the basics behind operators, what they are, how to use them, how to create them and how your team can benefit from them.

Join us for this upcoming edition of Operator Day to learn about an enterprise’s journey with operators from start to finish – and find out how you can build yours today.

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What is Operator Day?

Software operators are crucial in the Kubernetes landscape. A software operator encapsulates the knowledge and expertise of a real-world operations team and codifies it into a dedicated piece of software. Software operators help human operators and administrators run their applications efficiently and effectively.

Canonical has redefined how we operate applications and provides an OSS-based platform and framework for building and running operators.

And what better place to talk about operators than KubeCon? KubeCon is a bi-annual event in Europe and North America, with presentations, sessions, tutorials and hands-on demos for open-source communities building cloud-native applications.

It is the most significant event for cloud-native computing, receiving more than 15.000 registrations in the past. KubeCon is the flagship conference of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Canonical has inaugurated the Operator Day event at KubeCon conference in 2020. If you missed them, you could freely access recordings from the sessions on YouTube.

Operator Day at KubeCon NA 2023

Come and join our new edition of Operator Day colocated at KubeCon NA 2023 a virtual online event, free to attend

We will take you through the journey of building, deploying, operating and scaling applications with software operators through the lens of a company called “Operator Inc.”

You will:

  • Discover great examples that illustrate the strengths and benefits of software operators.
  • Witness how to build an operator step-by-step, as if you were a DevOps engineer at Operator Inc.
  • Learn to integrate an operator with certificate management, single-sign-on and observability tools.
Register for Operator Day KubeCon NA 2023
Operator Day - Hosted by Canonical Co-locaged at KubeCon NA. November 6th, 2023

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