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Juju is a Charmed Operator Framework, composed of a Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager and the Charmed Operator SDK. Deploy, integrate, and manage Kubernetes, container and VM-native applications seamlessly across hybrid clouds. Juju drives Day 0 through Day 2 operations in your complex environment.

When you need to...

Deploy, Integrate, & Manage applications across multiple K8s or VM environments

Build complex environments frequently

Manage apps and services across multi-or-hybrid clouds

Manage Day 0 - Day 2 operations at scale

...Juju helps you take control

What is Juju?

When your team is deploying and managing applications across VMs, K8s, Hybrid Clouds, and Multi-clouds — it's easy to get lost in the sprawl of YAML, Charts, Recipes, Playbooks, Plans, scripts, etc.

Juju is software that drives your software. It helps you to take control of all your applications, infrastructure, and environments. You use it to

  • Save your team endless hours of script management
  • Minimize costs
  • Ensure redundancy and resiliency
  • Monitor all activity across substrates
  • Maximise your hybrid cloud architecture

You'll move from configuration management to application management.

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A simple example:

You have a hybrid cloud, running workloads from applications, databases, monitoring and more — on Kubernetes and VMs.

admin/default:-$ juju
  • deploy
  • remove-application
  • upgrade
  • refresh
  • config
  • trust
  • migrate
  • debug-log
  • create-backup
  • add-k8s
  • add-machine
  • add-cloud

Your entire estate


Juju uses Charmed Operators ("Charms") and a Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager to take control of the deployment, upgrades, integrations, management, and operations of those workloads across your hybrid cloud.


Charms are small applications which package common maintenance functions, to turn Day 0 to Day 2 operations into repeatable and reliable code.

This enables your ops team to manage applications and scenarios rather than fixating on configurations (although they can dive into YAML whenever they like).

See Charms on charmhub.io


With Charmed Operators, you not only deploy or manage individual applications, but you relate them to one another in "models", to handle scaling, management, and cross-service dependencies. Your application model defines which applications provide a service and how they interrelate.


Models, cross-model relations, and model driven operations give you the control to handle deployments and operations at scale, across hybrid clouds, via CLI, or in a visual tool such as the Juju GUI or JAAS.

Check out the docs

With software driving your software, your team can take control of all your applications, infrastructure, and environments — in less time — without the headaches of YAML sprawl.

Check out the docs

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