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Source: https://github.com/juju/juju/tree/develop/tests/includes

In Juju, test includes are special bash util functions designed to help in creating effective integration test suites for juju. This document gives the complete list (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION) along with quick descriptions.

check Various check functions that help to analyse the output of cli commands and define if test passed or not. Most commonly used: check_contains, check, check_gt.
cleanup Functions that clean up after test is complete.
colors Colorize the output if the terminal supports doing this.
date Add date to test output.
expect-that The ability to work with interactive commands with expect tool.
juju Functions that allow to operate with juju bootstrap, models, controllers. E.g., ensure, bootstrap, …
destroy-model Takes a model name and destroys the model.
ensure Ensures that there is a bootstrapped controller with model <model name>.
random Generated random string.
run Run a command and immediately terminate the script when any error occurs.
storage Functions which help to test the storages.
verbose Define the level of verbosity. There are three levels of verbosity. Both 1 and 2 will fail on any error – the difference is that 2 will also turn on juju debug statements, though not shell debug statements.

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