Agent introspection: juju_revoke_lease

See also: Agent introspection

The juju_revoke_lease function allows for the current lease of an application on a specific model to be released. This can only been done from a controller machine.


usage: juju_revoke_lease -m <model-uuid> -l <lease> [-n <namespace>]

Revoke the lease for lxd in the 5de88ec2-92fd-47e7-802d-8eceb26a07f2 model:

$ juju_revoke_lease -m 5de88ec2-92fd-47e7-802d-8eceb26a07f2 -l lxd
application lease for model "5de88ec2-92fd-47e7-802d-8eceb26a07f2" and app "lxd" revoked

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