A Charming community: how to join the Juju and Charmed Operators community

by Michael Jaeger on 11 February 2022

If you are familiar with open source, you know that the community is what drives a project and gives its purpose, keeps it alive and thriving.

So, it is important to support that community, and provide tools and encouragement to help it grow. Today, we would highlight the community behind Juju and Charmed Operators and Charmed Operators workshop sessions of 2021. If Charming sounds like an interesting project to take on, you will find the first steps to get started at the end of the article!

Virtual meetings work well

In the past year 2021, the Juju and Charmed Operators community has been incredibly active. Besides the main communication channels on Mattermost (which also has its own Charmed Operator), a series of weekly workshops have been carried out to showcase the different usage of Juju, and share tips and stories on how to best implement Charmed Operators. These sessions are usually scheduled for Fridays at 10 a.m. CET, and any change of schedule is announced on a dedicated mattermost channel. But day and time may change: As a general rule, who runs the session, should set the date and time.

These community meetings – don’t you miss them as well? Unfortunately it will still take a while and we need to go ahead with online meetings.

If you are already working with Juju or even have created your own Charms, and did not hear about these events so far — consider joining! People from different organisations join to share their experiences of using Juju and using Charms. It is also a way to directly get in touch with different persons on different levels of experience to discuss feedback and contributions to the OSS community.

Let’s not forget conferences and exhibitions as well!

All presentations are welcome!

If you would like to provide a talk, workshop, make a demonstration, or even host an interesting discussion around Charmed Operators, please consider doing so!

There are no formal requirements. You can reach out and share your ideas in the workshop channel if you do not know if your workshop would be interesting for others. The community can discuss your proposal and provide feedback. You can decide the duration of your session. Most sessions usually last around 30 minutes, but can also go longer. For example, the demonstration about Open Stack hosting was an exciting session lasting for more than 2 hours. You do not need necessarily to have slides; Slides help folks to follow your presentation along. As an alternative, demonstrating right from your screen works fine as well.

Looking forward to see you around – also in person at some day again!

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