Operator Day hosted by Canonical at Kubecon EU 2022

by Michael Jaeger on 31 March 2022

May 16th 2022, virtual event
Week of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2022

What is Operator Day?

Software operators are crucial elements in the Kubernetes landscape. They implement operational tasks covering everyday application management. They help human operators, administrators to run their applications efficiently and effectively. On Operator Day, Canonical speakers and guests share knowledge and insights about the journey from configuration management to application management. Canonical provides an entirely OSS-based platform and framework for software operatorsJuju and the Charmed Operators. The various sessions will cover software operators, what they represent, how to use them, how to create them and how we can take advantage of them. We are delighted to see the rising interest in Kubernetes Operators. And of course, we are happy to cover this demand with the fourth edition of the Operator Day for the Kubecon EU 2022. Because of the uncertainties with planning travels between countries remain, we decided to run the event entirely virtually.

What to expect from Operator Day KubeCon EU 2022?

Charmed Operators

Operator Day at KubeCon EU 2022 will talk about software operators and share best practices and insights on operating Kubernetes applications, as well as exploring the Canonical implementation of Kubernetes Operators, the Charmed Operators. Each session can be attended individually, but we recommend attending them in a sequence as the presentations build upon each other. 

Observability and roadmap update

As observability becomes more and more important for operations, the operators are even applied to the integration of an observability stack. Also on that day, insights on the road map of the framework for Charmed Operators from Canonical are given and updates on community-driven collection of operators will be presented.

Attend a must-see panel discussion

Continuing the tradition from previous Operator Days, we are pleased to host a panel discussion featuring industry thought leaders from CNCF, AWS, Google, Microsoft and weave.works with Mark Shuttleworth moderated by David Booth. Join their discussion and hear about the state and future of cloud native and Kubernetes.

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