Deploying StorageOS on Charmed Kubernetes

16 September 2019

Learn how to deploy StorageOS on Charmed Kubernetes


Streaming Data Analytics with Apache Hadoop

18 October 2018

Get started with Hadoop on JAAS with this streaming data example. We will use JAAS to deploy a fully supported Hadoop stack and then stream data into the platform for interactive SQL based Analysis.


Juju Charm development (part 1)

22 June 2018

Get started with Python 3 charm development with our guide to creating, building and deploying your first charm.


Get started with Charmed Kubernetes

21 July 2017

Learn how to operate a production-ready Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes is a great open-source orchestration system for cloud native infrastructure.


Get started with Hadoop Spark

07 July 2017

Learn how to operate a big data cluster, to analyse batch data with MapReduce or streaming data with Spark.