Charmed Operator Framework Tutorials

These tutorials cover ground from the Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager to creating a Charmed Operator with the SDK, packaging it as a Charm, publishing it to Charmhub, and to using charmed products such as Kubernetes, Cassandra, Kafka, and much much more.

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How to self-host Nextcloud and Collabora on Ubu...

Learn how to deploy Nextcloud and Collabora Online on Ubuntu server, all backed by...

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Deploy, install and manage a high-availability ...

Deploy a PostgreSQL database with hot standby replica.

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Deploy and configure a multi-node RabbitMQ clus...

RabbitMQ offers reliable, fast messaging.

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Get started with Charmed Kubernetes

Learn how to operate a production-ready Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes is a great ...

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Using GitLab as a container registry for Kubernetes

Learn how to use GitLab as a private container registry for Kubernetes

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Streaming Data Analytics with Apache Hadoop

Get started with Hadoop on JAAS with this streaming data example. We will use JAAS...

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Ensuring security and isolation in Charmed Kube...

Learn how to improve pods security and isolation in Kubernetes using Kata Containers

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Get started with Hadoop Spark

Hadoop Spark provides a highly-available service on top of a cluster of machines. ...

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Install Kubeapps on your Kubernetes cluster

This tutorial will guide you through the installation of Kubeapps on the Canonical...

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Deploying StorageOS on Charmed Kubernetes

Learn how to deploy StorageOS on Charmed Kubernetes


Getting started with Charmed OSM

An introduction to Open Source MANO deployments and VNF workloads orchestration wi...

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Set up remote Elasticsearch monitoring of an El...

Manage and monitor Elasticsearch by exporting your cluster data to another cluster...

Using Charmhub

Publish your operator in Charmhub

Use charmcraft to build charms, upload them to Charmhub and publish them for easy ...

Using Charmhub

How to work with Resources in Charmcraft

What are resources and how can use charmcraft to upload and attach them to Charm releases.

Using Charmhub

How to work with Bundles in Charmcraft

What are bundles and how can use charmcraft to upload and publish them in Charmhub.

Using Charmhub

Your first Kubernetes operator

Create a minimal charmed operator with the Python Operator Framework

Using Charmhub

Add docs to your charm page

Here’s how to publish docs pages for your charm on charmhub. Just create a topic i...


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Document your library

Learn how to document and share your library on

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Deploy the LMA Light observability stack on MicroK8s

Deploy the LMA Light observability stack on MicroK8s.