How to pack your reactive-based charm with Charmcraft

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Suppose you want a reactive-based charm. Such a charm cannot be initialised with Charmcraft. However, it can be packed with Charmcraft. This document shows you how.

Introduced in Charmcraft 1.4.

The reactive way to write a charm represents an old standard. The recommended way to create a charm now is using Charmcraft and Ops.

To pack a reactive-based charm with Charmcraft, in the charm directory create a charmcraft.yaml file with the part definition for a reactive-based charm:

type: "charm"
  - build-on:
      - name: "ubuntu"
        channel: "20.04"
      - name: "ubuntu"
        channel: "20.04"
    source: .
    plugin: reactive
    build-snaps: [charm]

Done. Now you can go ahead and pack your reactive-based charm with Charmcraft in the usual way using charmcraft pack.

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