Command 'charmcraft register'


charmcraft register [options] <name>


Register a charm name in Charmhub.

Claim a name for your operator in Charmhub. Once you have registered a name, you can upload charm operator packages for that name and release them for wider consumption.

Charmhub operates on the ‘principle of least surprise’ with regard to naming. A charm with a well-known name should provide the best operator for the microservice most people associate with that name. Charms can be renamed in the Charmhub, but we would nonetheless ask you to use a qualified name, such as yourname-charmname if you are in any doubt about your ability to meet that standard.

We discuss registrations on Charmhub’s Discourse:

Registration will take you through login if needed.


-h, --help Show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose Show debug information and be more verbose
-q, --quiet Only show warnings and errors, not progress
--verbosity Set the verbosity level to ‘quiet’, ‘brief’, ‘verbose’, ‘debug’ or ‘trace’
-p, --project-dir Specify the project’s directory (defaults to current)

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