Command 'charmcraft pull'


charmcraft pull [options] <part-name>


Download or retrieve artifacts defined for a part. If part names are specified only those parts will be pulled, otherwise all parts will be pulled.


-h, --help Show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose Show debug information and be more verbose
-q, --quiet Only show warnings and errors, not progress
--verbosity Set the verbosity level to ‘quiet’, ‘brief’, ‘verbose’, ‘debug’ or ‘trace’
-V, --version Show the application version and exit
--destructive-mode Build in the current host
--use-lxd Build in a LXD container.
--shell Shell into the environment in lieu of the step to run.
--shell-after Shell into the environment after the step has run.
--debug Shell into the environment if the build fails.
--platform Set platform to build for
--build-for Set architecture to build for

See also:

  • build
  • clean
  • pack
  • prime
  • remote-build
  • stage

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