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See also: How to make your charm configurable

:warning: Starting with Charmcraft 2.5, the config.yaml file is created automatically from information you provide in the charmcraft.yaml file. For backwards compatibility, Charmcraft will continue to allow the use of the config.yaml file, but you may not duplicate keys across the two files.

Theconfig.yaml in a charm’s root directory is an optional file that may be used to define the configuration options supported by a charm.

The definitions are collected under a single YAML map called options. The rest of this doc gives details about this map.



Status: Optional.

Purpose: The options key allows charm authors to declare the configuration options that they have defined for a charm.

Structure: The key contains a definition block for each option, where each definition consists of a charm-author-defined option name and an option description, given in 3 fields – type, description, and default value:

      <option name>:
        default: <default value>
        description: <description>
        type: <type>
      <option name>:
        default: <default value>
        description: <description>
        type: <type>

where each field is defined as below:

Field Name Specification Required?
type Specifies the data type of the configuration option. Possible values are: string, int, float and boolean. Yes
description Contains an explanation of the configuration item and the resulting behaviour. Might also include a list of acceptable values. No
default Defines the default value for the option. Must be of the appropriate type and a sane default value in the context of the charm. No

In some cases, it may be awkward or impossible to provide a sensible default. In these cases, ensure that it is noted in the description of the configuration option. It is acceptable to provide null configuration defaults or omit the default field. For example:

  • default:
  • default: ‘’
  • default: ""


Expand to see an example
        default: Wiki
        description: The name, or Title of the Wiki
        type: string
        default: vector
        description: skin for the Wiki
        type: string
        description: URL to fetch logo from
        type: string
        description: Comma-separated list of admin users to create: user:pass[,user:pass]+
        type: string
        default: false
        type: boolean
        description: turn on debugging features of mediawiki

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