List of Charmcraft CLI commands

Charmcraft > List of Charmcraft CLI commands

You can get a list of all the Charmcraft commands by invoking charmcraft help --all in a terminal.

To drill down into each command use charmcraft help <command name>.

This same information is also provided below. Click on a command to view information on it.

analyze Analyze a charm
clean Purge project artifacts
close Close a channel for a charm or bundle
create-lib Create a charm library
fetch-lib Fetch one or more charm libraries
init Initialize a charm operator package tree and files
list-lib List all libraries from a charm
login Login to Charmhub
logout Logout from Charmhub and remove token
names List your registered charm and bundle names in Charmhub
pack Build the charm or bundle
publish-lib Publish one or more charm libraries
register Register a charm name in Charmhub
register-bundle Register a bundle name in Charmhub
release Release a charm or bundle revision in one or more channels
resource-revisions List revisions for a resource associated to a charm in Charmhub
resources List the resources associated with a given charm in Charmhub
revisions List revisions for a charm or a bundle in Charmhub
status Show channel and released revisions
upload-resource Upload a resource to Charmhub
upload Upload a charm or bundle to Charmhub
version Show charmcraft version
whoami Show your Charmhub login status

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