How to manage charm bundles

See also: Bundle


Create a bundle

To create a bundle, create a <bundle>.yaml file with your desired configuration.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, export the contents of your model to a <bundle>.yaml file via juju export-bundle --filename <bundle>.yaml or download the <bundle>.yaml of an existing bundle from Charmhub.

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Pack a bundle

To pack a bundle, in the directory where you have your bundle.yaml file (and possibly other files, e.g., a file), create a charmcraft.yaml file suitable for a bundle (at the minimum: type: bundle), then run charmcraft pack to pack the bundle. The result is a .zip file.

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Publish a bundle on Charmhub

The process is identical to that for a simple charm except that, at the step where you register the name, for bundles the command is register-bundle.

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