Command 'charmcraft fetch-lib'


charmcraft fetch-lib [options] <library>


Fetch charm libraries.

The first time a library is downloaded the command will create the needed directories to place it, subsequent fetches will just update the local copy.

You can specify the library to update or download by building its fully qualified name with the charm and library names, and the desired API version. For example, to fetch the API version 3 of library ‘somelib’ from charm specialcharm, do:

$ charmcraft fetch-lib charms.specialcharm.v3.somelib
Library charms.specialcharm.v3.somelib version 3.7 downloaded.

If the command is executed without parameters, it will update all the currently downloaded libraries.


-h, --help Show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose Show debug information and be more verbose
-q, --quiet Only show warnings and errors, not progress
--verbosity Set the verbosity level to ‘quiet’, ‘brief’, ‘verbose’, ‘debug’ or ‘trace’
-p, --project-dir Specify the project’s directory (defaults to current)
--format Produce the result in the specified format (currently only ‘json’)

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