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Interface tests are tests that verify the compliance of a charm with an interface specification. Interface specifications, stored in charm-relation-interfaces, are contract definitions that mandate how a charm should behave when integrated with another charm over a registered interface.

Interface tests will allow charmhub to validate the integrations of a charm and verify that your charm indeeed supports “the” ingress interface and not just an interface called “ingress”, which happens to be the same name as “the official ingress interface v2” as registered in charm-relation-interfaces (see here).

Also, they allow alternative implementations of an interface to validate themselves against the contractual specification stored in charm-relation-interfaces, and they help verify compliance with multiple versions of an interface.

An interface test is a contract test powered by Scenario and a pytest plugin called pytest-interface-tester. An interface test has the following pattern:

  1. GIVEN an initial state of the relation over the interface under test
  2. WHEN a specific relation event fires
  3. THEN the state of the databags is valid (e.g. it satisfies an expected pydantic schema)

On top of databag state validity, one can check for more elaborate conditions.

A typical interface test will look like:

from interface_tester import Tester

def test_data_published_on_changed_remote_valid():
    """This test verifies that if the remote end has published  valid data and we receive a db-relation-changed event, then the schema is satisfied."""
    # GIVEN that we have a relation over "db" and the remote end has published valid data
    relation = Relation(endpoint='db', interface='db',
                        remote_app_data={'model': '"bar"', 'port': '42', 'name': '"remote"', },
                        remote_units_data={0: {'host': '""', }})
    t = Tester(State(relations=[relation]))
    # WHEN the charm receives a db-relation-changed event
    state_out =
    # THEN the schema is valid

This allows us to, independently from what charm we are testing, determine if the behavioural specification of this interface is complied with.

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