In the context of a charm or a bundle, just as in the context of a snap, promotion refers to the association of a revision to a higher-ranking channel risk level of the same track.

For example, in the (partial) output of juju info mongodb below, revision 100 has been promoted from 3.6/edge through 3.6/beta and 3.6/candidate all the way to 3.6/stable. (The up arrow next to 3.6/beta indicates that that channel has been closed and, if you try juju deploy --channel 3.6/beta, what you’ll get is the next higher-ranking risk level of the same track, that is, 3.6/candidate.)

channels: |
  5/stable:       117  2023-04-20  (117)  12MB  amd64  ubuntu@22.04
  5/candidate:    117  2023-04-20  (117)  12MB  amd64  ubuntu@22.04
  5/beta:         ↑
  5/edge:         118  2023-05-03  (118)  13MB   amd64  ubuntu@22.04
  3.6/stable:     100  2023-04-28  (100)  860kB  amd64  ubuntu@20.04, ubuntu@18.04
  3.6/candidate:  100  2023-04-13  (100)  860kB  amd64  ubuntu@20.04, ubuntu@18.04
  3.6/beta:       ↑
  3.6/edge:       100  2023-02-03  (100)  860kB  amd64  ubuntu@20.04, ubuntu@18.04

Charm promotion is done at release time by specifying the revision number and the channel [track/]risk level that you want to associate it with (e.g., charmcraft release --revision 118 --channel=5/candidate).

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