Command 'charmcraft upload-resource'


charmcraft upload-resource [options] <charm-name> <resource-name>


Upload a resource to Charmhub.

Push a resource content to Charmhub, associating it to the specified charm. This charm needs to have the resource declared in its metadata (in a previously uploaded to Charmhub revision).

The resource can be a file from your computer (use the --filepath option) or an OCI Image (use the --image option to indicate the image digest or id), which can be already in Canonical’s registry and used directly, or locally in your computer and will be uploaded and used.

Upload will take you through login if needed.


-h, --help Show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose Show debug information and be more verbose
-q, --quiet Only show warnings and errors, not progress
--verbosity Set the verbosity level to ‘quiet’, ‘brief’, ‘verbose’, ‘debug’ or ‘trace’
-V, --version Show the application version and exit
-p, --project-dir Specify the project’s directory (defaults to current)
--format Produce the result in the specified format (currently only ‘json’)
--filepath The file path of the resource content to upload
--image The digest (remote or local) or id (local, exclude “sha256:”) of the OCI image
--arch The architectures valid for this file resource. If none are provided, the resource is uploaded without architecture information.

See also:

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