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See also: How to set a charm’s status

In charm development, status refers to the workload status of the application or individual units of the application as it responds to events. Each status consists of a status value and a message. Juju will show the application and unit statuses in the juju status output.


Possible statuses

The possible status values are listed below, along with a link to their ops.StatusBase subclass for use in ops. They are listed in order from highest to lowest priority, where in case of multiple statuses the higher priority status is what gets surfaced to the user:

  • error: the unit is in error, likely from a hook failure (this status is set by Juju, not by the charm)
  • blocked: the unit requires manual intervention from the Juju user, as specified by the charm author (see status notes or the charm’s docs)
  • maintenance: the unit is performing maintenance tasks to get up and running
  • waiting: the unit is waiting on an application it’s integrated with
  • active: the unit is ready and offering the services it has been designed to offer
  • unknown: the initial, unknown status when the unit has not set its status yet

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