File 'lxd-profile.yaml'

This document describes the lxd-profile.yaml file in the root direct of your machine charm project.

This file is optional, though it may be useful for charms intended for a machine cloud of the LXD type.

See more: Juju | The LXD cloud and Juju

The file allows you to specify a LXD profile to be applied to the LXD container that your charm is deployed into. The structure of the file closely mimics that of the upstream LXD profile, except that only the following devices are supported: unix-char, unix-block, gpu, usb.

See more: LXD | How to use profiles, Charmhub | Charmed Neutron Openvswitch’s lxd-profile.yaml

On the Juju end, profiles are upgraded during juju refresh <charm>; applied automatically during juju deploy <charm>; and displayed at the machine level via juju show-machineorjuju status --format=yaml`.

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