Set up your development environment

From zero to hero: Write your first Kubernetes charm > Set up your development environment

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In this chapter of the tutorial you will set up your development environment.

You will need a charm directory, the various tools in the charm SDK, Juju, and a Kubernetes cloud. And it’s a good idea if you can do all your work in an isolated development environment.

You can get all of this by following our generic development setup guide, with some annotations.

See Set up your development environment automatically, with the following changes:

  • At the directory step, call your directory fastapi-demo.
  • At the VM setup step, call your VM charm-dev and also set up Docker:
    1. sudo addgroup --system docker
    2. sudo adduser $USER docker
    3. newgrp docker
    4. sudo snap install docker.
  • At the cloud selection step, choose microk8s.
  • At the mount step: Make sure to read the box with tips on how to edit files locally while running them inside the VM!

    All set!

Congratulations, your development environment is now ready!

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