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In charms, events are of two basic kinds – Juju events and Ops events.

Juju events

The complete list of Juju events includes the following statically-named events:

And the following dynamically-named events:

The placeholder element stands for the names defined in the charmcraft.yaml file of the charm.

For each action supported by the charm:

For each container attached to the charm:

For each relation endpoint supported by the charm, five relation events:

For each storage endpoint supported by the charm, two storage events:

Ops events

The operator framework defines some events to facilitate the charm lifecycle management. These events are internal in the sense that Juju is completely unaware of them. Juju emits, say, a start event, but the operator framework can emit on the charm, on top of start, any number of events. Deferred events, or any of these ops events:

In addition to this, every Framework object (including charms) can define its own custom events.

See more: Custom event

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