How to publish a charm bundle to Charmhub

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You have packed your charm bundle. This document shows how to can now publish it to Charmhub.

The process is identical to that for a simple charm.

First, log in to Charmhub using Charmcraft:

$ charmcraft login

Second, register your bundle’s name:

$ charmcraft register-bundle super-bundle
You are now the publisher of bundle 'super-bundle' in Charmhub.

Now, upload your charm bundle:

$ charmcraft upload
Revision 1 of 'super-bundle' created

Each time you upload a new packed bundle, Charmhub will automatically provide different revisions. Charmhub will reject the upload if you try to upload a blob that has already been uploaded. You can verify which revisions are in Charmhub for a given bundle via charmcraft revisions super-bundle.

Uploading a bundle to Charmhub does not automatically make it available to the public. To do this, the bundle must be released into a channel:

$ charmcraft release super-bundle --revision=1 --channel=beta
Revision 1 of charm 'super-bundle' released to beta

Finally, inspect the status of your bundle:

$ charmcraft status super-bundle
Track    Channel    Version    Revision
latest   stable     -          -
         candidate  -          -
         beta       1          1
         edge       ↑          ↑

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