Visualize relation data with `show-relation`

jhack show-relation is a command that allows you to visualize the databags of two related Juju applications.

For example, the ingress-per-unit relation between a Traefik unit and a Prometheus unit on kubernetes:

This command is very useful when developing integrations or debugging related charms. You can also make it tail the contents with -w: the table will remain visible and update itself as the databag contents change.

Additional features

  • support for peer relations (!)
  • support for showing relations in models other than the current one (-m)
  • optional suppression of empty databags (-s)
  • command promoted to toplevel jhack: it used to be nested under utils. Now you can simply do jhack show-relation.
  • better cli help and shortcuts for lazy/busy typers.
  • support for “show me the nth relation” instead of having to type out the whole app-name:endpoint thing: if you have 3 relations in your model, you can simply do jhack show-relation -n 1 and jhack will print out the 2nd relation from the top (of the same list appearing when you do juju status --relations, that is.

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