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This feature is scheduled for release in ops 2.0, and is only available when using Juju 3.0.2 or greater.

The secret-rotate event is fired on the owner of a secret every time the rotation period elapses (and the event will keep firing until the owner rotates the secret).

Upon receiving that event the owner should create a new secret revision. Once that is done, all observers will be notified that a new revision is present by means of a secret-changed event.

If the owner did not specify a rotation policy upon creating the secret, this event will never be fired for that secret.

Emission sequence

Like all secret events, secret-rotate is automatically triggered by Juju. When the owner adds the secret, it can select what the rotation period will be: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Scenario Example Code Resulting Events
Owner creates a secret rotating daily n/a (every day) secret-rotate

Observing this event in ops

In the Python Operator Framework, you can observe the event like you would any other:

self.framework.observe(charm.on.secret_rotate, self._on_secret_rotate)

The SecretRotateEvent exposes no additional attributes on top of those it inherits from SecretEvent.

A typical implementation of _on_secret_rotate might look like this:

def _on_secret_rotate(self, event: SecretRotateEvent):
    secret = event.secret

    # create a new revision
    secret.set_content({'username': secret.get_content()['username'], 
                        'password': self._generate_new_password()})

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