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Source: ops.StopEvent

This document describes the stop event.


Emission sequence

The stop event is the one-before-last event a unit will ever see before going down, the last one being remove. It is exclusively fired when the unit is in the Teardown phase.

The stop event is emitted only once: when the Juju controller is ready to destroy the unit. When handling the stop event, charms should gracefully terminate all services for the supported application and update any relevant cluster/leader information to remove or update any data relating to the current unit. Additionally, the charm should ensure that the software will not automatically start again on reboot.


On kubernetes charms, the stop event will occur on pod churn, when the unit dies. On machine charms, the stop event will be fired as part of the teardown sequence when a unit goes down. Ways to force the occurrence of a stop include:

  • juju remove-application
  • juju remove-unit

Observing this event in Ops

In ops, you can observe the stop event like you would any other:

self.framework.observe(self.on.stop, self._on_stop)

The stop event object does not expose any specific attributes.

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