Command 'change-user-password'

See also: add-user, register


Changes the password for the current or specified Juju user.


juju change-user-password [options] [username]


Flag Default Usage
--c, --controller Controller to operate in
--no-prompt false don’t prompt for password and just read a line from stdin
--reset false Reset user password


juju change-user-password
juju change-user-password bob
juju change-user-password bob --reset
juju change-user-password -c another-known-controller
juju change-user-password bob --controller another-known-controller


The user is, by default, the current user. The latter can be confirmed with the juju show-user command.

If no controller is specified, the current controller will be used.

A controller administrator can change the password for another user by providing desired username as an argument.

A controller administrator can also reset the password with a --reset option. This will invalidate any passwords that were previously set and registration strings that were previously issued for a user. This option will issue a new registration string to be used with juju register.

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