Command 'remove-ssh-key'

See also: ssh-keys, add-ssh-key, import-ssh-key


Removes a public SSH key (or keys) from a model.


juju remove-ssh-key [options] <ssh key id> ...


Flag Default Usage
--B, --no-browser-login false Do not use web browser for authentication
--m, --model Model to operate in. Accepts [<controller name>:]<model name>|<model UUID>


juju remove-ssh-key ubuntu@ubuntu
juju remove-ssh-key 45:7f:33:2c:10:4e:6c:14:e3:a1:a4:c8:b2:e1:34:b4
juju remove-ssh-key bob@ubuntu carol@ubuntu


Juju maintains a per-model cache of public SSH keys which it copies to each unit. This command will remove a specified key (or space separated list of keys) from the model cache and all current units deployed in that model. The keys to be removed may be specified by the key’s fingerprint, or by the text label associated with them. Invalid keys in the model cache can be removed by specifying the key verbatim.

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