Switching between models and controllers can be laborious, as you have to remember what the previous model or controller name was. I suggested on IRC that juju switch should have -, similar to git checkout - or cd -. Rather than giving Juju the ability to remember, make a plugin and you can do what you want…

juju stash is a plugin for Juju, which allows you to jump between models as if you have a stack; pushing and popping between models.

To switch to a model:

juju stash push modelB

To switch back to the previous model:

juju stash pop

To see what’s in your history:

juju stash list

If you want to ping-pong between models, you can do the following:

juju stash pop --store

This will store the popped model into the history. Calling it multiple times will mean you can ping-pong between modelA and modelB with out having to remember their names.

Supplying --status along with the pop command will also dump the juju status into the stdout so you can keep track of what’s happening where!

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