Command 'find-offers'

See also: show-offer


Find offered application endpoints.


Flag Default Usage
--B, --no-browser-login false Do not use web browser for authentication
--format tabular Specify output format (json|tabular|yaml)
--interface return results matching the interface name
--m, --model Model to operate in. Accepts [<controller name>:]<model name>|<model UUID>
--o, --output Specify an output file
--offer return results matching the offer name
--url return results matching the offer URL


juju find-offers
juju find-offers mycontroller:
juju find-offers fred/prod
juju find-offers --interface mysql
juju find-offers --url fred/prod.db2
juju find-offers --offer db2


Find which offered application endpoints are available to the current user.

This command is aimed for a user who wants to discover what endpoints are available to them.

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