Command 'list-operations'

See also: run, show-operation, show-task Alias: operations


Lists pending, running, or completed operations for specified application, units, machines, or all.


Flag Default Usage
--B, --no-browser-login false Do not use web browser for authentication
--actions Comma separated list of actions names to filter on
--apps, --applications Comma separated list of applications to filter on
--format plain Specify output format (json|plain|yaml)
--limit 0 The maximum number of operations to return
--m, --model Model to operate in. Accepts [<controller name>:]<model name>|<model UUID>
--machines Comma separated list of machines to filter on
--o, --output Specify an output file
--offset 0 Return operations from offset onwards
--status Comma separated list of operation status values to filter on
--units Comma separated list of units to filter on
--utc false Show times in UTC


juju operations
juju operations --format yaml
juju operations --actions juju-exec
juju operations --actions backup,restore
juju operations --apps mysql,mediawiki
juju operations --units mysql/0,mediawiki/1
juju operations --machines 0,1
juju operations --status pending,completed
juju operations --apps mysql --units mediawiki/0 --status running --actions backup


List the operations with the specified query criteria. When an application is specified, all units from that application are relevant.

When run without any arguments, operations corresponding to actions for all application units are returned. To see operations corresponding to juju run tasks, specify an action name “juju-exec” and/or one or more machines.

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