Command 'documentation'


Generate the documentation for all commands


juju documentation [options] --out <target-folder> --no-index --split --url <base-url> --discourse-ids <filepath>


Flag Default Usage
--discourse-ids File containing a mapping of commands and their discourse ids
--no-index false Do not generate the commands index
--out Documentation output folder if not set the result is displayed using the standard output
--split false Generate a separate Markdown file for each command
--url Documentation host URL


juju documentation
juju documentation --split 
juju documentation --split --no-index --out /tmp/docs

To render markdown documentation using a list of existing
commands, you can use a file with the following syntax

command1: id1
command2: id2
commandN: idN

For example:

add-cloud: 1183
add-secret: 1284
remove-cloud: 4344

Then, the urls will be populated using the ids indicated
in the file above.

juju documentation --split --no-index --out /tmp/docs --discourse-ids /tmp/docs/myids


This command generates a markdown formatted document with all the commands, their descriptions, arguments, and examples.

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