Command 'juju show-secret'

See also: How to manage secrets


juju show-secret [options] <ID>


Shows details for a specific secret.

Global Options:

--debug  (= false)

Equivalent to --show-log --logging-config==DEBUG

-h, --help  (= false)

Show help on a command or other topic.

--logging-config (= "")

Specify log levels for modules

--quiet  (= false)

Show no informational output

--show-log  (= false)

If set, write the log file to stderr

--verbose  (= false)

Show more verbose output

Command Options:

--format  (= yaml)

Specify output format (json|yaml)

-m, --model (= "")

Model to operate in. Accepts [<controller name>:]<model name>|<model UUID>

-o, --output (= "")

Specify an output file

-r, --revision  (= 0)

--reveal  (= false)

Reveal secret values, applicable to yaml or json formats only

--revisions  (= false)

Show the secret revisions metadata


Displays the details of a specified secret.

For controller/model admins, the actual secret content is exposed with the --reveal option in json or yaml formats.

Use --revision to inspect a particular revision, else latest is used. Use --revisions to see the metadata for each revision.


juju show-secret 9m4e2mr0ui3e8a215n4g
juju show-secret secret:9m4e2mr0ui3e8a215n4g --revision 2
juju show-secret 9m4e2mr0ui3e8a215n4g --revision 2 --reveal
juju show-secret 9m4e2mr0ui3e8a215n4g --revisions
juju show-secret 9m4e2mr0ui3e8a215n4g --reveal

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