Command 'juju remove-k8s'

The information in this doc is based on Juju version 3.5.3, and may not accurately reflect other versions of Juju.

See also: add-k8s


Removes a k8s cloud from Juju.


juju remove-k8s [options] <k8s name>


Flag Default Usage
--B, --no-browser-login false Do not use web browser for authentication
--c, --controller Controller to operate in
--client false Client operation


juju remove-k8s myk8scloud
juju remove-k8s myk8scloud --client
juju remove-k8s --controller mycontroller myk8scloud


Removes the specified k8s cloud from this client.

If --controller is used, also removes the cloud from the specified controller (if it is not in use).

Use --client option to update your current client.

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