How to manage secrets

See also: Secret, How to manage secret backends, Juju SDK | How to add a secret to your charm

Charms can use relations to share secrets, such as API keys, a database’s address, credentials and so on. This document demonstrates how to interact with them as a Juju administrator.


View all the available secrets

See also: juju secrets

To view all the secrets available in a model, run:

juju secrets

You can also add options to specify an output format, a model other than the current model, an owner, etc.

View details about a secret

See also: juju show-secret

To drill down into a secret, run the show-secret command followed by the secret ID. For example:

juju show-secret 9m4e2mr0ui3e8a215n4g

You can also add options to specify the format, the revision, whether to reveal the value of a secret, etc.

Last updated 7 months ago.