Command 'switch'

See also: controllers, models, show-controller


Selects or identifies the current controller and model.


juju switch [options] [<controller>|<model>|<controller>:|:<model>|<controller>:<model>]


Flag Default Usage
--B, --no-browser-login false Do not use web browser for authentication


juju switch
juju switch mymodel
juju switch mycontroller
juju switch mycontroller:mymodel
juju switch mycontroller:
juju switch :mymodel


When used without an argument, the command shows the current controller and its active model. When a single argument without a colon is provided juju first looks for a controller by that name and switches to it, and if it’s not found it tries to switch to a model within current controller. mycontroller: switches to default model in mycontroller, :mymodel switches to mymodel in current controller and mycontroller:mymodel switches to mymodel on mycontroller. The juju models command can be used to determine the active model (of any controller). An asterisk denotes it.

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