Plugin `juju-metadata`

If you’ve installed juju via snap, this plugin is probably already on your $PATH, so you can go ahead and use it as you would any other juju command.


juju metadata [flags] <command> ...


tools for generating and validating image and tools metadata


--debug  (= false)

Equivalent to --show-log --logging-config==DEBUG

--description  (= false)

Show short description of plugin, if any

-h, --help  (= false)

Show help on a command or other topic.

--log-file (= "")

Path to write log to

--logging-config (= "")

Specify log levels for modules

-q, --quiet  (= false)

Show no informational output

--show-log  (= false)

If set, write the log file to stderr

-v, --verbose  (= false)

Show more verbose output


Juju metadata is used to find the correct image and agent binaries when bootstrapping a Juju model.


add-image       - adds image metadata to model
delete-image    - deletes image metadata from environment
generate-agents - generate simplestreams agent metadata
generate-image  - generate simplestreams image metadata
generate-tools  - Alias for 'generate-agents'.
help            - Show help on a command or other topic.
list-images     - lists cloud image metadata used when choosing an image to start
sign            - sign simplestreams metadata
validate-agents - check that compressed tar archives (.tgz) for the Juju agent binaries are available
validate-images - validate image metadata and ensure image(s) exist for a model
validate-tools  - Alias for 'validate-agents'.

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