Command 'disabled-commands'

See also: disable-command, enable-command


List disabled commands.


Flag Default Usage
--B, --no-browser-login false Do not use web browser for authentication
--all false Lists for all models (administrative users only)
--format tabular Specify output format (json|tabular|yaml)
--m, --model Model to operate in. Accepts [<controller name>:]<model name>|<model UUID>
--o, --output Specify an output file


List disabled commands for the model.

Commands that can be disabled are grouped based on logical operations as follows:

“destroy-model” prevents: destroy-controller destroy-model

“remove-object” prevents: destroy-controller destroy-model detach-storage remove-application remove-machine remove-relation remove-saas remove-storage remove-unit

“all” prevents: add-machine integrate add-unit add-ssh-key add-user attach-resource attach-storage change-user-password config consume deploy destroy-controller destroy-model disable-user enable-ha enable-user expose import-filesystem import-ssh-key model-defaults model-config reload-spaces remove-application remove-machine remove-relation remove-ssh-key remove-unit remove-user resolved retry-provisioning run scale-application set-application-base
set-credential set-constraints sync-agents unexpose refresh upgrade-model

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