Command 'info'

See also: find, download


Displays detailed information about CharmHub charms.


juju info [options] [options] <charm>


Flag Default Usage
--arch all specify an arch <all|amd64|arm64|ppc64el|riscv64|s390x>
--base specify a base
--channel specify a channel to use instead of the default release
--charmhub-url specify the Charmhub URL for querying the store
--config false display config for this charm
--format tabular Specify output format (json|tabular|yaml)
--o, --output Specify an output file
--series all specify a series. DEPRECATED use --base
--unicode auto display output using unicode <auto|never|always>


juju info postgresql


The charm can be specified by name or by path.

Channels displayed are supported by any base. To see channels supported for only a specific base, use the --base flag. –base can be specified using the OS name and the version of the OS, separated by @. For example, --base ubuntu@22.04.

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