Command 'upgrade-controller'

See also: upgrade-model


Upgrades Juju on a controller.


Flag Default Usage
--B, --no-browser-login false Do not use web browser for authentication
--agent-stream Check this agent stream for upgrades
--agent-version Upgrade to specific version
--build-agent false Build a local version of the agent binary; for development use only
--c, --controller Controller to operate in
--dry-run false Don’t change anything, just report what would be changed
--ignore-agent-versions false Don’t check if all agents have already reached the current version
--reset-previous-upgrade false Clear the previous (incomplete) upgrade status (use with care)
--timeout 10m0s Timeout before upgrade is aborted
--y, --yes false Answer ‘yes’ to confirmation prompts


juju upgrade-controller --dry-run
juju upgrade-controller --agent-version 2.0.1


This command upgrades the Juju agent for a controller.

A controller’s agent version can be shown with juju model-config -m controller agent- version. A version is denoted by: major.minor.patch

You can upgrade the controller to a new patch version by specifying the ‘–agent-version’ flag. If not specified, the upgrade candidate will default to the most recent patch version matching the current major and minor version. Upgrading to a new major or minor version is not supported.

The command will abort if an upgrade is in progress. It will also abort if a previous upgrade was not fully completed (e.g.: if one of the controllers in a high availability model failed to upgrade).

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