Controller config: `juju-mgmt-space`

Configuration > List of controller configuration keys > juju-mgmt-space

See also: Space

This document describes the juju-mgmt-space controller configuration key.

Key Type Default Valid values Purpose
juju-mgmt-space string null The network space that agents should use to communicate with controllers.

The juju-mgmt-space key is used to apply a network space to the controller.

The space associated with juju-mgmt-space affects the communication between Juju agents and their controllers by limiting the IP addresses of controller API endpoints to those in the space. If the chosen space results in a lack of agent:controller communication, then a fallback default allows for any IP address to be contacted by the agent. Juju client communication with controllers is unaffected by this option.

Using this option with the bootstrap or enable-ha commands effectively adds constraints to machine provisioning. These commands will emit an error if such constraints cannot be satisfied.

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